About Us

We've all been there. Something happens to someone we love...and we don't know what to say. 

What if we make it worse?

What if we say the wrong thing?

What if...we do nothing?

This is why The Show Up Shop exists - so you can just show up.

This shop was created by a therapist who has seen people in their most vulnerable and darkest moments. It was shocking to see how people experiencing grief or challenging times severely lacked support from the most significant family and friends in their lives. It's not that people don't care - it's that they feel helpless and paralyzed in how to support each other.

Never underestimate the power of just being there for someone. It's not about what you say or do, it's about showing up when the going gets tough. We've all experienced the awkwardness of feeling helpless. Too often, we want to fix a problem that is simply unsolvable. Instead of expressing silver-lining-optimism, we invite you to sit in the difficult moments together. Show up for the ones you love and support them...right where they are.

  • Our beautiful boxed sets are perfect to keep in your home for any time you need to show up for someone.

    Whether you're breaking out the champagne or handing out tissues, these cards will ensure your are always ready.

  • Need a single card to let a specific friend know how much they mean to you? This small treasure is a card they will keep forever; a simple reminder of how remarkable they are every day.